Few Facts About Shared Web Hosting

Web hosting plays a major part in the success or failure of a website. It is very important for any website owner to choose the right web hosting plan and service provider for their website.

There are a large number of website hosting service providers available today. Along with the large number comes the risk of being fooled or cheated. There are also different variations of services provided by the hosting service providers.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is a common type of website hosting which is used widely among website owners and service providers. This method of hosting is considered to be the cheapest method of website hosting.

Shared hosting is the process of hosting more than one website on a single web server. This, of course, reduces the cost of operation for every party involved in the business.

In most cases, the number of websites hosted on a shared hosting web server could be in hundreds. The number could seem large, but in reality, it does not seem to be large enough. This is because every website hosted in a shared hosting server need not produce the same amount of traffic.

Most websites hosted on a shared hosting server might only generate very less amount of traffic which makes it easier to host more websites on a single server.

Facts About Shared Hosting

Shared hosting will be a good choice, if you are looking to setup a personal website or a website for small business. Personal websites and small business websites may not generate large amount of traffic and because of this reason shared hosting is the best choice. Most of the shared hosting service providers offer good amount of disk space, bandwidth and even email accounts for the hosted website.

However, very few websites hosted on a shared server use up all the resources provided for the particular website. If every website on a shared hosting server uses every resource provided to them, a shared server will not work. If the hosting service providers decide to host more websites on the single server than ideal, it can lead to problems.

For example, if the web server has 1 gigabyte of memory and about hundred websites hosted on it, every website have to fight for the space and bandwidth when the need arrives. During times like this, the websites hosted on the server can become slow and the server can even crash.

This increases the downtime of the website which is not at all desirable for the success of the website.
Given this, a good shared web hosting service provider will have enough precautions in place to prevent any such incidents.

This is why it is very important to do proper research on the best hosting service providers available today. There are many service providers on the internet which can be found rather easily. Do proper research before deciding on any hosting service providers including raising questions in online forums and reading reviews written by existing users.

Make sure you are spending the money in the right way for the right cause.


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